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They say beauty is only skin deep, but at Ruvalcaba Medical Spa we believe that looking your best can help you to BE your best.

Starting with healthy nutrition as the basis for looking and feeling good, Ruvalcaba Medical Spa helps you to analyze your eating habits and create a diet specific to your needs.  Read more about our nutrition consultation services.

When you've gone as far as you can go with diet, Ruvalcaba Medical Spa can provide body sculpting services that can do away with unsightly lines of expression, fat pockets that won't respond to exercise, damaged skin that has lost its natural shape and much, much more. Read more about facial rejuvenation and body sculpting services.

The science of anti-aging is advancing at a rapid pace. Dr. Ruvalcaba is fully qualified to provide analysis and recommend the most efficient, up-to-date therapies available to slow the aging process. Read more about anti-aging services.

An investment in your outside, has a lasting, positive effect on your inside. As a practicioner of anti-aging therapies since 1992, Dr. Ruvalcaba has consistently been on the cutting edge in this rapidly evolving medical specialty.

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